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How do I reserve a portable storage container?

Call us at 1-800-555-4510. All we need is a couple minutes of your time and a credit card.

How quickly can I typically get a portable storage container?

We recommend reserving anywhere between 2-4 business days, though we may be able to accommodate same day or next day deliveries, depending on our schedule.

What are the Boxes made from?

Our portable storage containers are made from steel. The walls are insulated with an R8 insulation and the floors are wood with a slip and moisture resistant coating.

Are the storage containers secure?

Of Course! Portable storage containers should always be locked. You can buy one of ours or use your own. We recommend stainless steel disc locks which are the most secure.

Does The Storage Box fill the portable storage container for me?

We do not load your portable storage container, but we can recommend a company that can assist you.

What is a tilt-free or level-lift delivery system?

Our lift system is tilt-free/level-lifting which means the portable storage container remains straight and level when being dropped off or picked up. Your valuables always stay level with our delivery system.

Why is tilt-free delivery important to me?

This is important for you, the customer, because traditional portable storage containers can only be moved by a tilt-bed or roll-off truck, causing your belongings to fall to one end and cause damage. Our system picks up and places containers gently on the ground, keeping your belongings safe. Due to our system gently bringing the box down, the truck will not cause damage to your driveway as well. Our portable storage containers are equipped with tie-down points inside, which we recommend using for added safety during transport.

Do I need to be present when the portable storage container is delivered?

Yes, we do recommend that you are present when the container is delivered to you, so that the container can be placed in a spot that is convenient for you. Also, if the lease agreement was not signed beforehand, then you will need to be present to sign the lease agreement

Can I choose not to have the portable storage container delivered and use simply as a self-storage unit?

Of course! Delivery is optional, but the cost is low and the convenience of having it at your home is priceless!

How much can I fit into a Box?

Every scenario is different! See this page for size recommendations. You are limited to a maximum weight of 5,000 lbs. If exceeded, the portable storage container may not be able to be picked up and items will have to be removed.

Is there anything I can’t put in a portable storage container?

Any items that are flammable, hazardous, explosive, toxic or illegal are not allowed to be stored within our portable storage containers.

Is there a minimum or maximum rental period?

There is no minimum or maximum rental period. The minimum charge is for 7 days of rental.

Do I have to insure my valuables while being stored?

Insurance is up to you. You can either call your insurance company for coverage options, or when stored with us, we off our Container Protection Plan.

I don’t know where I’m moving to yet, what do I do with my portable storage container?

The Storage Box offers storage of your portable storage container either at our outdoor storage facility, or our indoor climate controlled storage facility until you’re ready for it.

If my container is stored at your facility, can I still access it?

Yes you still have access to your container. We require at least 24 hour notice to access your container.

How does billing work?

The Storage Box pre-bills 30 days at a time and issues a credit for any days that are unused once the box is picked up. For instance, if you rent the box for 8 days, you will be charged 30 days on the 1st day of the rental and issued a refund of 22 days of rent when the box is picked up. Transportation fees are charged as follows:

On Site Rentals

Delivery and Pickup Fee are charged on the day of the delivery.

Local Moves

Delivery Fee is charged on the day of the delivery. The Move and the Pickup Fee are charged the day before we move the full box for you.

The Storage Box Storage

Delivery Fee is charged on the day of the delivery. The Pickup Full Fee is charged the day before we pickup the full box and bring it to our facility. The Deliver Full and the Pickup Fee are charged the day before we deliver the full box to your new address.

How long does the credit take to show up on my credit card?

The Storage Box processes the credit right away, but some credit card companies can take up to 5 – 10 business days to process.

Does The Storage Box deliver and pickup on weekends?

Yes, we deliver and pickup on Saturdays. Our hours are Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM and Saturdays 8AM to 1PM.

Can I specify the time of my delivery/pickup/move?

You can specify either morning or afternoon and The Storage Box will do it’s best to accommodate all requests.

How much room do I need to have the portable storage container delivered?

The Storage Box requires at minimum 13.5 feet of clear height, 12 feet of clear width and 60 feet of clear length to deliver a portable storage container. 

If you do not have the required clearances available, we do have a special delivery system that can be used in almost all situations. 

How should the portable storage container be packed?

The Storage Box recommends taking advantage of all space that is available in the portable storage container, the width, length and height. Pack the portable storage container as tight as possible to take advantage of all space. Use the tie down points to tie down items that may shift during transportation. The Storage Box uses a level lift system to move the containers, so your contents are always safe and level during loading and unloading. The Storage Box recommends packing the container as if the truck will have to slam on their brakes during transportation. This ensures your contents will be safe during travels.

Is The Storage Box a franchise?

No, we are privately owned and operated!


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