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If you're in need of extra space, then a storage container rental is the solution. Our storage containers are strong and weatherproof, with different types and sizes to suit storing just about anything. Our containers are portable, so we easily transport them to suit the needs of your project. There are many different sizes of storage containers for rent, so you can choose one that's just right for you. A storage container rental is easy, convenient and affordable.


How does a storage container rental work?

Renting a container is a very easy and flexible process. Here's how it works:

We bring it

We will deliver a container to you with our unique tilt-free delivery system.

You fill it

Load your container at your leisure. You can keep the container as long as you need to - no deadlines and stress-free! 

You store it / We store it for you

You have the option to keep your container at your location, or, we can store it for you at one of our facilities. Outdoor storage is available for all containers - ask about our indoor climate controlled storage!

We move it / return it / pick it up

When you're ready to have your container moved or picked up [empty or full], give us a call to schedule your transportation! 



You can also use it as self-storage and fill up a container at our facility.

If you're between homes, we can store it for you at one of our facilities until your new home is ready. Indoor, climate controlled storage is available for our Storage Boxes only, but all our storage containers for rent have outdoor storage available.

How much is a storage container for rent?

The Storage Box has cheap storage containers for rent, with rates as low as $5 per day. With no monthly minimum fees, and credits for days not used, The Storage box offers unbeatable value.

We believe you should only pay for the time you use the container. That's why The Storage Box is the only provider that offers daily rates, with no monthly minimum fees. Our competitors charge monthly minimums - so you pay for 30 days (4 weeks) even if you used a container for only 7 days. Used it for 32 days? You pay for 60 days with our competitors. At The Storage Box, we credit back the days you didn't use.

At The Storage Box, we pride ourselves on offering transportation rates that are lower than, or in line with, our competitors in the areas we serve.

It's easy - take advantage of our low, daily rates and save money! For more information on pricing and transportation options, go to our Instant Quote form or call us at 1-800-555-4510 to book your Box today!

How long can I keep a storage container rental?

Our service is flexible - you use the container as long as you need to. With low daily rates and no monthly minimums, you can load your container at your leisure without pressure of deadlines or worrying about return dates. Simply call us when you're ready to organize a pickup or move date and we'll get you scheduled! If you're using your container for moving, we recommend getting delivery 2 weeks prior to your closing date.

Which storage containers for rent are right for me?

Naturally, you will look for cheap storage containers for rent. These are our Shipping Boxes (or sea cans). They are the cheapest option for moving and storage, however we do not recommend this style of box for moving. The Shipping Box is a great solution for storing construction materials or equipment during construction or a reservation. Cheap storage containers for rent are not necessarily the right ones! If you're moving, our Storage Boxes are the right ones for you! A Storage Box has many added features and benefits that make it the best solution for a move.

At The Storage Box, we recommend looking for the right container for the job, rather than just cheap storage containers for rent.

We offer two types of portable storage containers
Our Storage Box
Storage Diagram
Our Shipping Box
Shipping Box Diagram

If you're unsure which container will best suit your needs, you can view our storage containers for rent page to see all your options.

Questions? Call us direct at 1-800-555-4510, we'll help you find the right container for you.

Save With Daily Rates
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