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Get Protection: Container Protection Plan


This plan provides coverage for damage to your portable storage container while on rent to you regardless of where the container is located.

What is Covered?

The CPP covers damages to the container resulting from occurrences such as:

  • Wind, tornado, hurricane or falling objects
  • Unintentional acts of fire, smoke, explosion
  • Lightning, hailstorm or other ‘acts of god’
  • Malicious mischief
  • Burglary

Acts deemed intentional, or storage of prohibited items nulls all coverage.

For complete details of the Container Protection Plan, click here.

What is NOT covered?

Coverage under the CPP does not apply to damages resulting from:

  •  wilful or intentional acts of any kind.
  •  improper packing, operation of doors and locking mechanisms
  •  drilling holes, screwing into or adhering to the container
  •  using a container for any purpose other than its designed and intended use

Storing prohibited items (as listed in our lease agreement) forfeits all coverage under the CPP.

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