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The Easiest Way to Move to a New Home

Looking for the easiest way to move? A moving container rental is the easiest way to move to a new home. Traditionally someone would rent a truck and rush to get everything done within one chaotic day. When using a moving container rental with low daily rates, you can start packing your things as far in advance as you like without the stress of high moving costs, or strict timelines. At The Storage Box, we want everyone's move to be as stress-free as possible.

The Best Containers for Moving

Our premium insulated Storage Boxes are the best moving containers in the industry and the types we recommend all our customers use for moving. Storage Boxes are 8' (feet) wide and come in optional lengths of 8', 12', 16' and 20'. What makes them superior to any other moving container rental? They were designed and engineered for this purpose; with features like smooth, insulated walls, anti-mold interiors, easy-to-open doors, multiple convenient tie down points, multiple high security locking options.

The Storage Box also provides you with options if you think a Storage Box Box is not the one for you. Although we do not recommend using a shipping container for moving, The Storage Box also offers our 20' Shipping Box. They do not have the added benefits of a Storage Box but they are an economical alternative.

Climate-Controlled Storage For Moving Containers

You can have your moving containers picked up and stored inside one of our facilities without having to unload your stuff into another unit. We simply place you're already filled container inside until you're ready for it. The Storage Box is the only company that offers indoor, climate-controlled storage for containers in the markets we serve.


What costs are involved in moving?

No two moves are the same! So costs also differ from one move to the next. When using moving containers, the costs involved are:

  • Moving container rental
  • Transportation (delivery, move & pickup)
  • Moving & packing supplies

Typically, to move comfortably you want to give yourself at least a week to pack your things in the container. A two-week rental, and a simple move (from A to B) averages $300-400 (before HST).

There are factors that can affect the costs of your rental, transportation, and supplies:

  • Which container you choose & how long you need it for
  • Where you live and how far you're moving
  • The supplies you need to pack your things

Using a Container for Moving vs. Movers


  The Storage Box Traditional Moving Company


$ vs. $$$$$

Low daily rental rates and transportation fees make it the cheapest way to move conveniently.

You pay a hefty premium for a hands-off experience. If you require storage between homes, you pay even more for the extra labour to unload into a storage unit, and again when its time to move. 


How easy & stress free is it for you? 

On your schedule, at your pace. Typically done in one chaotic day, but hands-off for the homeowner.


Dynamics of a move can change at the last minute.

Very flexible; If dynamics of your closings change, offsite storage options can easily adapt to changes in your plans at minimal cost. May not be able to accommodate last minute changes; added cost of labour to unload into offsite storage will greatly increase costs.
Cleanliness All boxes go through a cleaning & quality control process after each rental. Your belongings are loaded into a truck typically not cleaned between moves; or space is shared with another homeowners contents.
Reliability & Reputation The Storage Box is the most and highest rated moving company in Southwestern Ontario with industry leading service & straightforward pricing. Beware of fly-by-night moving companies or scams. There have been many documented instances of moving companies holding contents and forcing customers to pay significantly more than a contracted amount.
Safety of Your Contents You handle your things, you keep the key. Your things are not handled multiple times, saving them from potential damage or misplacement. Moving companies may need to load & unload your things many times from a truck to a storage locker. Also, your things can a be loaded into the same truck as another homeowners belongings. This puts your items at greater risk of being damaged or lost. 


Choosing moving containers is a great option for those looking to move in an efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner. The Storage Box provides the most comprehensive moving container rental service in southwestern Ontario and our superior product will ensure your belongings are safe during transit or storage. If you're looking for the ultimate convenience and peace of mind at the the best possible price, call The Storage Box today!

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