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Our list of containers for sale is updated frequently. The Storage Box steadily offers shipping boxes for sale. Occasionally there will be Storage Boxes available for sale on the list below. 

Stock # Container Size/Type Condition Price Location
  Used 8ft Storage Box for Sale Used - Great Inquire  
016058 Used 16ft Storage Box for Sale Used - Great Inquire Windsor
255092 Used 20ft Shipping Container for Sale Cargo Worthy SOLD Chatham
327337 Used 20ft Shipping Container for Sale Cargo Worthy $ 4,100 Windsor
5791 20ft Shipping Container for sale One Trip $5,500 Windsor
911529 Used 40ft Shipping Container for sale Cargo Worthy Inquire Windsor
153604 One Trip 40ft Shipping Container for Sale One Trip Inquire London

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Pricing does not include transportation or applicable taxes. The inventory list and pricing is based on availability and is subject to change without notice. The container market is currently very volatile and our resale inventory and pricing can change daily. Shipping containers are commonly referred to as sea cans, ocean cargo containers or conex boxes.

Shipping Container Conditions

One Trip, New & Used

One Trip containers have made a single voyage from their point of origin carrying cargo. New one-trip containers become available for sale once they reach their destination. Used one-trip containers were included in our rental inventory and meticulously maintained. These units are nearly new. 

When considering a shipping container rental or purchasing a container, it is more cost effective to rent for periods of a few years or less. Our shipping container rentals are all one-trip containers, so you get the same quality, or better, without the large upfront cost of purchasing. 

Cargo Worthy

Cargo worthy (CW) containers are containers which are structurally solid. This assures that the container meets with all the standards outlined by its original specifications. Some rust, faded paint and minor dents are likely. Used containers are sold based on their structural integrity, not cosmetics and they will have many cosmetic imperfections, surface rust, dents, dings, patch work, patch repairs, welded sections, roof pits and the roof bows will not be perfect. 

Wind & Water-tight

Wind and water-tight (WWT) containers are weather resistant and have some levels of damage.  They may require repair costs as they are likely to have a greater amount of dents and rust. However, there should be no leaks or holes in these containers that would adversely affect their weatherproofing or structures.  These units also have seals that are intact. Doors are likely difficult to open and close but are operational.

The Storage Box does not sell WWT containers. 


As Is are the lowest grade of containers.  They typically have little weather resistance and weak structural integrity.  These units may have damages such as missing sections of steel, advanced rust causing structural integrity problems, very stiff or non-operational doors, rotten floors or other serious problems. They are typically sold for recycling the steel or specific projects. These containers should be thoroughly inspected prior to purchase. 

The Storage Box does not sell As-Is containers. 

Shelving Brackets

These easy to install shelf brackets allow you to maximize your space without drilling into your container! Easily reconfigure them as your needs change. Just add wood!

Pipe Racks

These easily hung racks are ideal for neatly storing lengths of material off the ground. No drilling or assembly. 

LED Lighting

Our motion activated LED fixtures are battery powered. No drilling into the ceiling, no costly install, no external power needed. 


Give your used container a new coat of paint. 


Increase security with options like:

  • Puck Lock
  • Lock Box
  • Lock Bar

Build to Suit

Serious about customizing? Modifications available and made to order. 

Interested in Buying a Container?
Give us a call at 1.800.555.4510