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Comparing Storage Container Delivery Systems

November 01, 2020

Selling and purchasing a home isn’t a decision you make lightly. A lot of thought goes into finding the perfect home, in the right neighbourhood, at the best possible price. After putting so much time and effort into such an endeavour, why risk the entire contents of your household by choosing the wrong moving and storage option?

HOW your container is transported is critical!

It's not by accident that The Storage Box uses the The Box Lift tilt-free delivery system! We have done extensive research into design, safety, strength, reliability and efficiency. That's why we went as far as purchasing the patent and company that designed it! Here you'll learn why it's the right choice for making sure your personal belongings are safely stored and moved from one location to another.

To fully appreciate what we offer, let’s take a look at delivery options our competitors offer, some of which pose risks – to your property, your household contents, and your tight moving schedule.



Tilt-Bed, Roll-off or Rollback Systems Tilt-Bed Container Delivery

These systems are like the many tow-trucks you see on the road today. The only way to get the container on or off the truck, is to tilt the truck bed allowing the container to be pulled up with a winch or slide off the end of it. Because the container can tilt 30° or more, the contents of the storage container can shift and fall over causing breakage and severe damage. 

Once the rear end of the container is on the ground, the only way to complete the delivery involves a sudden drop of approximately 8”. This places your driveway, parking lot or yard at risk of damage. And in order for the container to be picked up without the use of a forklift, up to 6” of blocking must be placed under the container. This results in a 12” step up into the container making loading much more difficult.



Container Trailers 

container trailer
These are typically towed by a pickup truck or small medium duty truck. The truck delivers the trailer leaving it parked in your driveway. Most often, these trailers only allow you a day or two to load and unload. This only adds to the stress of feeling rushed to get your entire household packed up and ready to go. 

A trailer mounted storage container also means that the container can be 2-3 feet off the ground. The only ways to access the interior is with a long narrow ramp. When carrying heavy furniture, any sudden shift that throws you off balance can result in a dangerous fall or other serious injury. In addition, the need for a ramp requires a longer space to allow room for the container, the ramp, and the truck that delivers and removes it.

These trailers are NOT equipped with air-ride suspension, which can be very hard on your contents as a the trailers drive over bumps and potholes. Vehicles with air suspension "glide" over bumps, while traditional leaf spring suspension causes a harsh ride.




This is a tilt-free system owned by PODS Moving & Storage. The development of the system is based on the same principle as a boat gantry crane. When the PODS container is delivered, it is part of an independent crane frame which raises and lowers it. However, the crane frame must be extended from the sides of the PODS container requiring an additional 3 feet of space on either side of the container. Their PODS containers are only a maximum width of 7 feet, this means that 13 feet of space is required for each container delivered and at least 14 feet of overhead space. A PODS container cannot be delivered in a narrow space. On a single lane driveway, the PODZILLA crane would damage grass, flowerbeds, or landscaping along the driveway. 



Mule Robot 

Mule Robot Storage Container DeliveryThis system typically uses container trailers with a robotic system to deliver containers. The system lifts like a wheelbarrow, where one end has fixed wheels and the other side has a robotic system that lifts and drives. There is good maneuverability with this, but the process is much slower, is hazardous and has many limitations. When a truck cannot fit down a narrow dead-end street or small driveway, the container is off loaded from the truck at the closet convenient space. The mule robotic system requires a lot of street space for the truck, trailer and maneuvering the container on or off. The container is then placed into position by a robotic “mule” forklift. Although the container can stay almost level, most of the time, to keep the container from bottoming out on driveways or uneven surfaces, it must be tilted. The containers is also subject to tilting when loaded and unloaded from the truck. The tires on the mule leave tires marks on the concrete driveway surfaces and can breakup asphalt surfaces.

These are typically delivered with a pickup truck towing a trailer which means they are NOT equipped with air-ride suspension which is very hard on your contents as a the trailers drive over bumps and potholes. Vehicles with air suspension "glide" over bumps, while traditional leaf spring suspension causes a harsh ride.


The Box Lift

The Box Lift is the industry’s premier tilt-free lift system. This system is mounted to single axle, air-suspension trucks. The storage container remains 100% level during loading and unloading and uses one of the strongest high-capacity level lift systems. Because the system is off-loaded directly to ground level with gentle and smooth hydraulic movements, it is the safest container delivery method for the contents of the box, your driveway, and the operator and spectators! The delivery process is operated by remote control, giving the operator full visibility and ability to move about the environment during operation to ensure proper placement and additional safety. The Box Lift requires less room to maneuver than other storage container systems, and the 8 foot wide containers come in a variety of sizes up to 20 feet long. No blocking is required under the container resulting in a low loading height.The Best Tilt-Free Delivery System

The Storage Box containers can be loaded and unloaded at any point in your moving process giving you as much time as you want to pack and load your furniture and possessions. Pack up the house at your own pace, then unload at your own pace once your container arrives at its new destination. 

The Storage Box also offers secure, on-site storage at their climate-controlled facility. This can come in handy if you are de-cluttering your home prior to selling, or in the event that you are unable to move into your new location right away.

Take the stress out of moving by choosing The Box Lift System by The Storage Box. You can be confident that your most precious household contents will be safely loaded and delivered to your new location. With all the benefits of The Storage Box, you will have peace of mind that allows you to focus on enjoying your new home.

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