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Moving containers
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Take Your Time, Load and Unload at Your Leisure

Move without the stresses of rigid timelines and coordinating help the day of your move. Our containers don’t have a time limit.

Pack, Load and Unload Once

Cut your time in half by handling your items half as much as traditional moving and storage methods.

Reduce Your Moving Costs

Only pay for the days you use a Box. With our low daily rates and low transportation rates, moving is now easier, and more affordable than ever.

No Need to Rent a Truck

What are those additional rental truck charges per day and per km?
Who is going to drive and do they have a proper license?
Why worry about accidents, truck insurance or truck breakdowns?
Up and down a truck ramp does not compare to ground-level loading.

Save With Daily Rates
Moving Starts Here
Superior containers designed and engineered
for moving and secure storage
Storage Diagram
Why The Storage Box Logo moving
container delivery matters

Our delivery trucks move the Boxes on and off the truck gently and without tilting. This keeps your valuable safe, level and your driveway free from damage during the unloading and loading process.

Our delivery system can lift a full moving container vertically without any tilting and has minimal space requirements versus our competitor’s traditional conventional tilt bed system. Click here to watch our tilt-free system in action!

Tilt-Free Delivery Makes All the Difference

Save With Daily Rates
Moving Starts Here
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Save With Daily Rates
Moving Starts Here