The Tilt-Free Delivery System

Why a Tilt-Free Delivery System Matters

The Storage Box uses a unique patented tilt-free delivery system that ensures all contents are safe and level throughout the delivery and pickup process.

 Our delivery system can lift a full storage container vertically without any tilting versus our competitor’s conventional tilt bed system.

 We can place a storage container from our truck to a driveway or place of business in as little as a few minutes.

 The level lift delivery system has minimal space requirements.

 We can ensure the placing of the box does not damage the ground it is placed on or picked up from.

Our Tilt-Free Delivery System Makes All the Difference

Tilt-Free Delivery System 1 Tilt-Free Delivery System 2
Tilt-Free Delivery System 4 Tilt-Free Delivery System 5