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Storage Solutions: What Does a 10x10 Storage Unit Cost?

February 08, 2021

Renting a storage unit comes with plenty of utility that people can take advantage of. For example, some individuals choose to convert their storage unit space into an area where they can exercise with gym equipment.

One of the most common storage unit sizes is 10x10, but not everyone knows what they should expect to pay. Not quite sure how much you should budget? We’ve got all the info you need.

Let's explore everything you should keep in mind when renting a 10x10 storage unit.

What Factors Influence The Price?

Although many people may be unaware, there's a large number of factors that influence how much you'll pay for a 10x10 storage unit. Once you understand what affects the price, you'll be able to easily find a unit that works for you.

Let's explore a few of the most notable attributes that impact how much you'll pay. 

Climate Control

As you might expect, renting a storage unit that has climate control will be more expensive than a conventional unit would. This is directly due to the fact that the facility uses more resources for units of this type.

If you don't have items that need to be kept at a particular temperature, then you can forego this option entirely without worrying about how it will affect your price. Additionally, climate control typically becomes exponentially more expensive as the unit size increases since it will take more resources to regulate the temperature.

Since 10x10 units are 100 square feet, the added monthly cost isn't exactly negligible.

Inside vs. Outside

In general, storage units that are located outside are cheaper for renters. Since indoor units have an extra layer of security in the form of locked doors, security cameras, etc., storage facilities often charge more for them.

Additionally, the price may be even higher if there is a large demand for indoor units at that particular facility.

If you choose to rent an outdoor unit, it's worth considering whether or not the facility is gated. If anyone is able to walk up to outdoor units from the street, your belongings could be at risk of getting stolen. 

Overnight Access

With facilities that offer overnight access, you can expect to pay a bit more for your 10x10 storage unit. Many storage facilities have a certain block of time where tenants are able to access the property.

Although this timeframe is generally lenient (such as 6 AM to 9 PM), It's not uncommon for people to require access when the facility is closed. The cost of having overnight access will also be influenced by the liability that comes with allowing tenants on the property.

For instance, if all you need to do is input a gate code, overnight access shouldn't be a huge factor in your unit's price. But, if you need to and input a gate code, swipe a card to get through a locked door to the facility, etc., then it's not unlikely that you'll pay a significant amount more each month in rent. 


Storage units aren't immune to the conventional laws of supply and demand. If there is little availability for a 10x10 storage unit, the price may be higher than you would typically expect. This is particularly true in areas that have a high population density, such as Chicago, New York City, etc.

In contrast, you might find yourself paying far less than anticipated if you rent at a facility that has an abundance of storage units of that size. So, keep this in mind if you aren't able to find a unit that fits your budget— it's worth looking for a facility that has a large number available. 


Does your facility employ security guards to keep the premises safe? Does it have security cameras throughout the property? What about high-quality locks for its units?

All of these factors will influence the price that you pay for your unit. In general, the more amenities that you take advantage of, the higher your rent will be each month.

Whether or not this at a cost is worth it to you depends on what you're storing and your personal preference. Not everyone wants to leave their belongings at a facility that isn't regularly patrolled or monitored with security cameras.

But, you'll pay more for this extra level of service, meaning that you'll need to budget appropriately for it.

The Length of Your Agreement

Some facilities require that you rent for a certain period of time before you sign your agreement. For example, they may offer three-month leases, six-month leases, etc. Generally, you'll be able to secure a lower monthly rent if you sign an agreement for a longer period of time.

In some scenarios, the savings that you get can be notably high. A typical example can involve a storage unit that offers tenants to rent a 10x10 unit for $130 per month if they rent for three months. If they sign a 12-month lease, however, they may drop the rate down to $110 per month.

So, How Much Should a 10x10 Storage Unit Cost?

With all of the above factors considered, the average cost for a 10x10 unit is approximately $130 per month.

From here, you’ll be able to ensure you know exactly what you should be paying for a 10x10 storage unit and find that one that suits your needs best.

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