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Should You Buy or Rent Moving Supplies?

October 04, 2021

35% of Canadian households have moved in the past five years. 21% of households plan to move within the next five years. If you are in this 21%, it’s easier than you think to make moving simple and straightforward. Your moving supplies can help.

Having the right moving supplies can make moving less of a hassle. But you may end up wondering if you should buy or rent your moving supplies. The answer may surprise you. Let’s dive in to see what you should do. 

What Moving Supplies Do You Need?

Moving requires more supplies than many people realize. Not only do you need supplies to pack boxes but also to physically move them easier. Creating a checklist can make it easier to make sure you have all of the supplies you need.

When it comes to moving, you'll need moving boxes, bins, or some other types of containers. You should also get materials that will protect your belongings inside the boxes. This might be foam peanuts, packing paper, bubble wrap, or foam pouches.

There are also some small supplies that might go overlooked but are critical. This includes packing tape, labels, and markers.

If you are moving furniture or other damageable items, you'll need a way to protect them. Moving blankets and pads can be used to protect the surface of furniture, especially when it's in the moving truck or container.

Moving equipment can help make the whole moving experience much easier and safer. You should consider a dolly or hand truck for moving heavy furniture or boxes. Moving straps can also be handy for some situations.

Buying vs Renting

The question of buying or renting moving supplies may not have a straightforward answer. This is because it is better to rent some supplies and better to buy others. You’ll need to think about which supplies you may be able to use again as well as the prices of each option.

Buying moving supplies can be a good option for supplies that you will use up or those that cannot be reused. Since there will be nothing to return, you can’t really rent these types of supplies. 

There are some supplies that could come in handy later, which might be worth purchasing. If you can get a good price on these items and have a place to store them, you should buy them.

Renting, on the other hand, is a good option for supplies that are helpful, but that you won’t be able to use again. This is especially true if there is moving equipment or supplies that are very expensive to purchase.

Moving Blankets and Pads

Moving blankets and moving pads are a type of supply that could go either way. For short term use, it would seem better to rent them. But you should definitely buy them!

If you are only planning on using the blankets and pads once and can’t find another use for them, it makes sense to rent them. However, you can sometimes find a good price on buying moving blankets and pads and you don't have to deal with dirty, smelly or contaminated blankets.

If there is a good price and you might be able to use the blankets or pads another way, you should buy them. For instance, you could use them to cover and protect items that will be stored in a garage or attic.

One benefit of buying moving blankets and pads is that you might be able to get higher-quality supplies this way. New ones won’t be worn down from prior use, meaning they’ll be better able to protect your belongings. Used moving blankets can carry abrasives that can scratch your belongings or bed bugs and fleas that can invade your home. 

Dollies, Hand Trucks, and Tie Downs

Dollies, hand trucks, and similar moving supplies should almost always be rented. These are fairly expensive pieces of equipment that you probably won’t be able to use often. 

Now, just because you shouldn’t buy them doesn’t mean you should skip using them. Rented dollies and hand trucks can make it much easier and safer to move large furniture and boxes. This can prevent you or someone else from getting injured.

Tie downs and ratchet straps are usually also helpful if you are moving large items. However, the choice to buy or rent these items is a little more unclear. They can be generally helpful to have around, making buying a good choice. 

But if you don't think you'll need them anytime soon, you might want to check if they are available for rental with your truck or container box.

Packing Materials and Miscellaneous

Packing materials, on the other hand, should pretty much always be bought. Items like packing paper, foam peanuts, and bubble wrap can’t be returned for another user. It’s also usually recommended to not reuse packing boxes.

Sometimes, you can get a good deal on these types of supplies. If you might use them in the future and can store them, you should consider purchasing them in bulk.

You should also buy many other miscellaneous packing supplies, such as tape, labels, and markers. These are in a similar vein in that they can’t be returned. However, they are usually helpful to have around your household anyway, making buying the perfect option.

Where to Obtain Moving Supplies

Both buying and renting moving supplies are relatively easy to do. You can find most small items such as markers and labels at a local store. However, your moving and storage company can be a great place to find low-cost options for these supplies.

Your moving and storage company is the perfect place to get your rented supplies and equipment. Having the rental through this company makes it easier to manage the reservation and to get a hold of it on the day you need it.

Get the Moving Supplies You Need

For some moving supplies, it is better to buy, and for other supplies or equipment, it’s better to rent. The best choice will come down to which supplies you need and how you plan on using them.

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