Little Red Box

Benefits of the Little Red Box

Renting Little Red Boxes makes everything easier with a simple, convenient & affordable solution. Save time & money by renting the Little Red Box. How can the Little Red Box help you?


Cost Effective – Renting Little Red Boxes will save you time and money. On average, renting Little Red Boxes save up to 30% on the cost of buying supplies & boxes.

Convenience – Our Little Red Boxes are delivered clean and ready to pack. There is no assembly or taping required. Once you are done moving – we pick up your empty boxes, no clean-up, breaking down or disposal required, your work is done!

Strong – Little Red Boxes are industrial strength so you don’t have to worry about the bottoms falling out, boxes crushing when stacked or lids falling apart. If you can lift it – you can pack it!

Stackable – Little Red Boxes are built to neatly stack which will help keep your move as efficient & organized as possible. When fully packed with your valuables, you can stack 6 high.

Easy to Handle – The contoured handles make it easy for you to carry your fully packed Little Red Box.

Clean – Little Red Boxes are delivered clean and will help keep your valuables clean throughout your move. Keep dirt, germs, & rodents away from your valuables which makes unpacking a little bit easier.

Eco-friendly – Little Red Boxes are an eco-friendly solution which can be reused time after time and fully recyclable at the end of its service life.

Measurement – 24″ L x 20″ W x 12″ H

Benfits of the Little Red Box

How It Works

See how it works specially for Little Red Box rentals. But don’t forgot to book Little Red Boxes and portable storage container together to optimize efficiency & minimize costs for moving and storage.

1. We bring them – The Storage Box will conveniently deliver Little Red Boxes, labels & zip ties right to your front door.

2. You pack them – Our Little Red Boxes come ready to pack – no assembly required. Just pack, label, seal with a zip tie and repeat.

3. You store them or You Move them – If your new home, office, or business is not ready for your valuable just yet, you can store your packed Little Red Boxes in one of our storage containers, at one of our storage facilities or at your current location.

4. We pick them up – The Storage Box will pick up the Little Red Boxes once they’re empty. No disassembling, disposal or cleaning required. We take care of everything.



Bundle Details

Here’s an easy guide to help you better understand how many Little Red Boxes you may require:

Bundle # LRB # Carts # Rooms Room Size
(sq ft)
25 Bundle 25 1 1 Bedroom 250-500
35 Bundle 35 1 2 Bedroom 500-1000
50 Bundle 50 2 3 Bedroom 1000-1500
70 Bundle 70 2 4 Bedroom 1500-2000


How Can The Little Red Box Help Your Business? 

Is your company moving locations, expanding or Business Use of The Little Red Boxrenovating? Renting Little Red Boxes will help make the experience
run smooth.  Little Red Boxes are the ideal way to pack it all up, keep everything safe and clean throughout the move or renovation. Whether your business needs to store electronics, office hardware & supplies, document files, or binders, our Little Red Boxes are the best solution to your business’ moving & storage needs. If document storage is what you require, we rent file hangers which allows you to neatly hang your documents up to legal size. Stop wasting time and manpower assembling cardboard boxes, start your move today with the Little Red Box.