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Just outside your door, portable storage is a smart solution to increase your operating space.

Convert storage space to revenue

It's common for storage of unused furniture, fixtures or documents to encroach on space meant for inventory, or revenue-generating activities. Take back your space with a Storage Box - a low-cost, onsite or offsite storage solution.



A better box

The Storage Box offers two types of portable storage containers – our Storage Box and our Shipping Box.

Our Storage Boxes are a next-generation storage container, designed and engineered for moving & storage. These boxes have great features including smooth insulated walls, easy-access doors, anti-mold and weather & rodent proof interiors. 

Our Shipping Boxes are standard ISO Ocean Cargo Containers, commonly known as sea cans. These Boxes are typically used in construction or industrial applications. 

All our boxes are kept in the upmost condition. Our 7-Step cleaning and quality control process ensures you always receive a box that is clean and professional looking. 

Containers that work for you

Our boxes are available in different sizes and configurations to suit the needs of your business. Our service is flexible, to suit your timeline. 




Providing space, where and when you need it

Our fleet is efficient and routed by GPS. You can be confident your box is delivered where, and when you need it, so you can focus on the task at hand. Effective communication is always a top priority to us.



Our tilt-free delivery trucks

Our trucks are equipped with a tilt-free loading system that keeps your contents safe and level. The tilt-free loading and unloading of our boxes ensures your property or parking lot remain damage-free.

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Let's Discuss Your Needs
Storage Starts Here