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How a Portable Storage Container Improve Your Moving Experience

July 01, 2021

After Move Storage Box

In the past, moving meant calling some moving company a month or two ahead of time to book movers for your move-out day. 

If you thought you could call on the day of and get movers to come, you would have been sitting out on the streets with all of your belongings for a very long time.

Finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow would have been more likely.

For your next move, consider moving with a portable storage container to make your move a lot easier. Here are the ways a storage box can improve your moving experience.

Ditch The Moving Guys

Do you remember the horror on your face when your movers told you, "there's traffic. We'll be there. It'll just be another hour," as you sat in your new empty apartment with all of your belongings in the hands of some moving guys you don't even know you can trust.

This is not to say that all moving companies and moving guys are shady.

There's just nothing safer than you being the one to pack everything, and for you to be the sole keyholder to your belongings.

Portable Storage Containers Work On Your Schedule

With our portable storage container, you have full control over your belongings and the timeline of your move.

You can order your portable storage container to align with your schedule. You pay a flat rate only for the days that you use it. This means that you can even save on the moving cost by asking a couple of friends to give you a hand when they're free.

When you're packed and ready to go, lock your belongings up and hold onto the key. We'll take care of the moving.

With The Storage Box, your move is safe and on schedule all the time.

Move At Your Own Pace

In the past, you had to rush packing and getting everything on and off the moving trucks because you were paying movers by the hour. After they unloaded your belongings, you stared at your menacing stacks of boxes and furniture waiting to be unpacked.

You didn't have to unpack everything that day, but if you didn't, they'd continue to sit there and remind you of the daunting task.

Moving is exhausting. It is also expensive by the hour. Most feel compelled to move as quickly as they can.

With The Storage Box, the only variable factor considered is how many days you want to rent out our portable storage containers. You pay a flat rate per day and move at your own pace. This is a cost-effective and affordable way to move.

Split the packing and unpacking jobs across several days to avoid burnout. Call up a few friends to tackle the job and return the portable storage container even faster.

Move on your terms. You're paying for it, after all.

Cleaner Than Your Average Moving Truck

How often do you think moving companies clean their moving trucks? You know, the trucks that you put all of your belongings into? That's including couches and mattresses.

If you're moving anything that cannot be packed into boxes or wrapped with some kind of protective film, cleanliness is super important.

We don't know about them, but we clean our portable storage containers after every use. Our storage containers go through a seven-step cleaning and disinfecting process after we get them back from our customers. We take cleanliness very seriously here.

Our customers have even raved that they thought the storage containers that they got were brand new. That's how clean we keep our portable storage containers.

Rest assured that you'll receive a container from us that is clean enough to eat your food off of—not that you'd want to do that. You can, and that's the point.

Storage Until You're Ready

Guess what? We're kind of a big deal. We're a two-in-one.

We offer moving services with our portable storage containers to get your belongings to your new home on time. We also offer storage services for your storage container in the case that you're between moves.

That's the perk of packing your belongings into a portable storage container.

Had you packed the traditional way of hauling things on and off the backs of vehicles, you would have had to move your belongings into a storage facility yourself.

That's twice the amount of work for one day.

With our portable storage containers, you pack once and unpack once. If you need to keep things in storage, we can hold your containers at our storage facilities that are:

  • clean
  • temperature-controlled
  • secure

It's easy for you to access your portable storage container when you need it.

No more losing your head and scrambling to find moving companies and storage facilities. We do both!

Choose A Portable Storage Container For Your Next Move

Are you tired of moving things the old way? Tired of dealing with shady movers, poor customer service by moving companies, and exhausting moving days?

While we can't make moving less exhausting (work is still work), we can solve a lot of the frustration that you had with prior moving companies.

Try us out and join the rest of our happy customers who moved with our portable storage containers to their new homes.

If you're in the Ontario, Canada area and are getting ready to move, email us or give us a call. We'll have your portable storage container shipped to your home in no time so that you can get started right away.

Here's onto the next chapter of your life!

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