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Providing space, when and where you need it!

Our storage containers, tilt-free delivery system and temperature-controlled warehousing offer the hospitality industry many portable storage benefits.

Hotel & Restaurant Storage renovations & re-branding

Hotels frequently go through renovations, brand rejuvenation or re-branding. A Storage Box is a great solution for storage during capital projects.

  • Keep revenue-generating rooms available for guests during these transitions instead of filled with new or old furniture & fixtures.
  • Insulated, clean, weather & rodent-proof containers.
  • Store your loaded Boxes offsite. Keep them out of sight from your guests until you're ready for them. 

What could you do with more space?

Renting a Storage Box is a great solution for short or long-term seasonal storage challenges.

Storing your seasonal items, like patio furniture or decorations, out of the way and out of the elements will increase their usable life!

  • We deliver a storage container to your facility; you load your seasonal items.
  • We pick up your loaded container and store it at our secure climate controlled facility.
  • We return your container to your facility when its time to switch out your seasonal items.
Our tilt-free delivery makes a difference

Tilt-free delivery means we unload and load our boxes while keeping them level.

Why does this matter?  The gentle straight back, and straight down movement means yours contents are kept flat, not on an angle with risk of falling or being damaged.

This also keeps the ground below safe from damage like chips, cracks and scrapes from dragging that  traditional rollback tilt-bed trucks can cause. 

See it in action!

Storage container rentals are a simple, cost effective solution for hotels and restaurants that need extra space.

Let's Discuss Your Needs
Storage Starts Here